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About Us

This group was formed by Amorita Maher, as a promise to her friend, LaRena, that she would do something to remember her and make the next persons fight a successful one.

She and LaRena went through treatments together and May 1, 2000, LaRena lost her battle.

Mary Maher Bengoa wanted to contribute to her mother’s effort and do something special in LaRena’s memory as well. The two of them started this organization and dreamed that they would be able to make the world a better place. Initially their hope was to raise funds to go towards cancer research and stop the disease. In the meantime, they found many people within their community that were having struggles intensified by the financial demands placed on them to get to and from their doctors and be gone for treatments. At that time, it became obvious that there was a pressing need to help those in their community. Stories of the stresses these people were enduring changed their direction. A decision was made to help our community members and contribute to research.

Jason and Colleen Hill jumped in to help that first year and have been a part of this group ever since. Jeannie and Darryl McRae also joined in and became an integral addition. Soon after the first race, Darryl was diagnosed with cancer and he fought a long hard battle. We lost one of our own and this has further strengthened our passion. Jeannie does a wonderful job being treasurer and taking care of all or our loose ends.

We have been lucky enough to also gain Nicole Maher. She has a special gift for marketing and real passion for defeating cancer. Mary Kay Pace has shared her expertise in running the actual race. Judy Wilkinson has become our decorator and photographer.

Brenda Sifuentes started promoting our cause at Turquoise Ridge and became our best fundraiser. She continues to help us with this venture.

LaRena’s family has also blessed us with their support and many hours of help.

We have put a lot of work into making this race a fun event that gives people a place to come together to support those fighting cancer, remember those we have lost and celebrate those who have survived.