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About us

The LaRena Smith Bengoa Run, Ride or Walk for the Cure was formed in 2002 when it hosted the first race that August. We are a non-profit organization made up of all volunteers that work to provide assistance to residents of Humboldt and Lander counties that are fighting any type of cancer.

What makes us unique is our passion to stop cancer and perhaps help our/your family, friend, neighbor or co-worker beat this horrible disease.

Upon hearing these words: “you have cancer”, an individual’s life can never be quite the same. Yet, in the middle of the surgeries, the treatments, the physical pain, changes to appearance, and most of all the fear, the rest of the world continues on, as it must. The bills still come; there are still job concerns, and looming large, painful thoughts about how it will all turn out. Each person finds their way through it; their own support system; their own coping mechanism, but the thing that each of them needs is some peace of mind as to how they are going to handle the day to day expenses that go along with cancer treatment from our remote location.  For some, family and friends are able to step in and offer help; however, that is not always the case, nor is it enough.

Our goal with Larena’s Race is to be that place to go for help and some peace of mind. We have no stipulations as to who can apply, no lengthy application process, and most people receive assistance within three days upon applying. Applicants fill out a one page application and send it along with medical bills or dictations showing they are fighting cancer to our group and they receive a check (currently each applicant receives $1500).

We do only the one event each year, on the Saturday of Mother’s day weekend, and we rely on those proceeds to provide help to newly diagnosed patients starting treatment, as well as patients who are facing additional treatments throughout the year. The money we provide can be used for fuel, motels, wigs, meals, insurance, co-pays; whatever each individual may need.

None of our team receives any compensation. Humboldt General Hospital and French Ford Middle School have become much appreciated partners in making the event happen, and we have received amazing support from the mining industries, individuals and local businesses and organizations.

Don’t wonder how to help local residents who have cancer, join us for Larena’s Race! Donations can be made year-round to our group by clicking the donate button on our webpage. You can count on your help reaching those fighting cancer, quickly and directly.

To learn more of our history click here: Our History